H+K’s global network

“The most ‘transnational’ of all international communications consultancies”


Headquartered in New York and founded more than 80 years ago, H+K is today a truly global communications consultancy with 86 offices across 48 countries. Our global network makes us the most ‘transnational’ of all international communications consultancies.

The H+K network has expanded fastest where clients have needed support most, driven by changes in the interconnected global economy as well as a better-connected public. The Middle East has been one such region where expansion has been significant.

But, we believe that effective international PR is not just about having offices in the right place. It’s about how well they connect, align and work together for your benefit. Our network is not new. We know each other and have worked together servicing international clients for years. It’s what we do.

We understand diverse cultures. We appreciate varied social, political and economic landscapes. We talk and, more importantly, listen in many languages. We have tried and tested approaches and tools to support our people, but we don’t impose them on our clients. We don’t believe in one-size fits all.

So with our teams on-the-ground across the globe and living where they work, we know how to blend local and global to create imaginative and effective business impact and achieve maximum value everywhere and anywhere.

H+K is part of WPP, the world’s largest communication services group.

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