What we do

“At H+K we believe that reputation is key and we help our clients to build, manage and maintain their reputations and, through this, to ultimately win public trust and drive business results.”

Create deeper understanding

Your reputation is what people think about you and your products and services, and reputation impacts every element of business from recruitment to re-financing. Your reputation may not be what you think it is or, indeed, what you want it to be. Reputation has to be earned by creating a deeper understanding of what you do and winning consumer trust. It then needs to be managed, maintained and assessed – carefully and continually. If your audiences trust you they are far more likely to want to buy your products and services, work with you, invest in you and forgive you if things go wrong. In short, a strong reputation contributes to genuine and lasting business value, and bottom line growth.


And nurturing your brands’s good name and reputation is an art and a science. In an uncertain world of greater risk, where companies, brands, organisations and governments have to increasingly demonstrate greater governance and transparency in the court of public opinion, reputation is a prized asset.

Compel + change

We help nurture our client’s reputations by immersing ourselves in their cultures and commercial goals and through our understanding of ‘the power of the people.’ We use our size, scale, knowledge and expertise to deliver integrated, multidisciplinary communications campaigns that compel people to act or change their opinion. Credible and consistent communications, from the boardroom of a company down, are critical to managing corporate reputation in today’s increasingly transparent world.

More important than ever

Today, it is more important than ever for brands, governments, organisations and individuals to take control of their communications at the highest levels of leadership, because the people have a voice and are not afraid to use it.