Shaping messages

Be it for corporations, governments, financial institutions, organisations, brands or individuals, we identify and promote the factors that make them stand out to their target audiences. This is the very heart of what we do for our clients. We are versed at creating distinctive messages and using them across an array of dynamic platforms to translate campaign ideas into strong business outcomes. We connect our clients with the right influencers to create conversations that deliver tangible impact for them, time after time. And we know how to keep the message fresh, relevant and effective and the importance of doing so.



With the messages we define we craft powerful ideas and use multi-channel storytelling techniques to engage audiences and change behaviour in order to create value for our clients. We believe that in this interconnected world, the story and audience sit at the centre – and digital and social platforms have opened up a world of possibilities for us as story tellers. We create interactive stories that touch directly our audiences, craft stories in which our audience has a real part to play, and stories to which the audience wants to engage and participate.


Brand marketing

Recent research has revealed that consumers receive hundreds and hundreds of marketing messages every day. Ever-increasing ‘noise’ and choice in the consular sphere means an imaginative, impactful communications campaign makes the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful product. The H+K team uses insights, innovative methodologies, proprietary tools and creative thinking to translate ideas into successful business outcomes.


Government + public affairs

A successful communications approach gives public sector and government organisations the license to grow their stake in their publics. Governments across the Middle East are actively seeking support in assessing international best practice in communications, and applying it across their own organisations. H+K has public affairs centres of excellence throughout the Middle East and ideas here are being forged ahead at a rapid pace.


B2B communications

In campaigns where a key measure of success is increased sales, our work focuses on selling your products and services to businesses and other customers while engaging the full spectrum of B2B buyers – from end users to C-suite approvers. We understand the complexities of managing a B2B brand in a wide range of sectors, markets and buyer/influencer groups.

Our offering includes elements of corporate or divisional branding and communications campaigns where the primary goal is sales performance.


Financial communications

Effective financial communications is critical to attaining and maintaining investor interest and confidence, supporting the optimal picing of shares, creating demand for share offers and executing successful deals. H+K has centres of excellence in all of the world’s major financial cities, including those across the Middle East. A host of experts in regulatory affairs and investor and analyst relations, the H+K team covers the full spectrum of financial communications.


Media relations

‘Media manners’ matter more than ever with the ever growing influence of round-the-clock tabloid journalism and increased legal, ethical and regulatory investigation. H+K has a strong reputation for handling complex media situations in positive circumstances as well as in time of crisis.

Our media relations professionals – who include former journalists, press secretaries and communications officers – have delivered outstanding media results for clients throughout the world, with direct impact on their business performance. Using solid research and insight, compelling messaging, journalistic skills and close media relationships, our teams can deliver real business impact.


Crisis simulation

‘Flight School’ is a secure, online social media simulation programme that lets you experience the nearest thing to dealing with a real-life crisis over multiple platforms. Flight School tests the response of your teams – whether community managers, brand teams or PRs – in a safe and secure environment, to ensure they are in the best position to protect your brand and company’s reputation in this digital world.

Participants are immersed in a specially created scenario that plays out across the news media, on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, thus requiring teams to engage and react. From issuing a press release to responding to consumer comments on Twitter, H+K can monitor and evaluate their actions within a completely secure and private setting.

Flight School can help your company: test internal social media, external and internal communications protocols and procedures in a high-stress situation; highlight priority areas for improvement; build the team’s confidence in dealing with real issues and responding to likely scenarios; and improve teamwork in a high-pressure situation.


Issues + crisis management

A reputation can take years to build but seconds to destroy in a globalised world fed by news on demand. H+K’s issues and crisis management team has unrivaled success in protecting and defending brands and organisations. We help clients from every sector and corner of the Middle East prepare for, manage and recover from a wide variety of crises. Our services in this key communications area include communications continuity planning, bespoke media training, issues management, risk assessments and audits and messaging strategies. And as a truly global agency that’s ‘open all hours’ we are able to draw on our expertise whenever and wherever.


Digital build + communications

Digital communication is fully integrated into everything we do and H+K’s dedicated experts help our clients to integrate the best of online and interactive technologies with traditional public relations to deliver the most impactful communications programmes possible. We work with our clients to help them take full advantage of digital and social media in managing their reputation online. We create or enhance digital strategy, engage our clients’ communities, visualise complex data or undertake audits and monitoring. Our digital services include enhacing your digital strategy, online monitoring, website and app build, paid promotion, social media, community management and crisis communications and simulation.


Change + internal communications

Change is a constant in today’s organisations, particularly in organisations that are growing rapidly like those so often in the Middle East. Organisational change presents both opportunity and risk – how actively you manage can be make or break. For internal stakeholders, it is critical to engage early and often, understand their information needs and skills gaps, then provide the tools and support their need for success.

Effective communication plays a crucial role in this transition – from equipping managers to bring the vision to life for their teams, or ensuring the new processes and structures are well understood and adhered to. Good conversations are a starting point, being focused on your purpose, authentic in your delivery and clear about what’s in it for your people are key ingredients to bringing your employees with you. H+K has expertise in M+A, leadership communications, organisational restructuring, re-branding and other key areas of change management.


Governance + sustainability communications

Organisations must be prepared for unprecedented levels of scrutiny and an ever increasing demand for transparency. While corporate responsibility and sustainability has different meanings according to your sector or market, everyone needs to understand and respond to the expectations of their stakeholders. There are no fixed rules which guarantee you have got it right – becoming a sustainable enterprise is not a tick box exercise. But it should be fully integrated into a company’s DNA, not merely an ‘add-on.’ H+K defines sustainability for clients focusing on the risks and opportunities at all points of their value chain and providing expert communications that will preserve the integrity of their reputation as a responsible corporation and pave the way for their future sustainable growth.


Marketing partnership + sponsorship

Sponsorship is at the heart of communication strategies for many of the world’s leading and most ambitious brands. Now that media consumption is more fragmented than ever before, sponsorship works because it engages people by appealing to their passions: sport, culture, entertainment. We provide an award winning end-to-end service, using a blend of consultancy and activation experts, who make informed recommendations based on insight and experience to help you reach your business objectives.


Media presentation training + executive coaching

H+K has a training course to improve all your communications and business skills. Each one is designed specifically to meet your individual requirements by our team of training experts who have unrivalled knowledge of PR, the media, public speaking and investor relations. Our courses include: message development training, media training, presentation training, investor relations training and business skills training.

Also the best executives need to be able to communicate their company’s vision to a wide range of audiences and inspire confidence. And they have to do all that while being time poor. We know the importance of constantly developing and refreshing your leadership and communication skills while understanding the time constraints too. We have designed a series of focused and targeted modules for executive coaching, which deliver the exact skills required in an intense two-hour format.


Research + Data Insights

Wisdom is honed by insight as well as experience. Whether you are setting the benchmark for your reputation, testing the most credible campaign theme or identifying your most compelling arguments in a crucial and controversial issue, research and business intelligence provides the basis for communication that drives real results – and we can advise and help on this. H+K has a specific research arm, Research+Data Insights, who drive our work through data based insights and deliver metrics and counsel in four distinct areas: reputation, communication, issues, and data analytics.

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