Financial + professional services

Financial and professional service providers require increasingly sophisticated communications with a multitude of stakeholders given the uncertain economic climate, increasingly discerning and cautious consumers and ever more stringent regulation.  Specialist knowledge combined with a genuine understanding of the audience and media is arguably more crucial in this sector than any other, and we work with some of the biggest names around.


Government + public affairs

Whether it’s helping government organisations gain support for an issue, manage reputation, deal with a crisis or simply keep their public informed, we connect these organisations with their relevant audiences to create solutions and change the way we live for the better – and in an economic and political landscape that is continually evolving.  We’ve advised on championing political and diplomatic agendas, promoting foreign investment and revamping a destination’s image.


Sport + entertainment

Sport and entertainment are massive industries with the emotional power to unite people all over the world.  As such, the potential benefits to be reaped through effective communication are equally massive.  We are proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in these industries, delivering breakthrough insight and innovative, groundbreaking work with a positive impact.


Technology, telecommunications + media

Technology companies operate in an increasingly complex global environment, with higher costs, greater competition and more regulation. Business technology markets are consolidating, while consumer markets such as media and telecommunications are colliding and expanding.  We help our clients embrace disruption, evangelise influences and engage audiences in every segment of innovation.


Health + wellness

Although already a highly regulated industry, a burgeoning number of  stakeholders are nevertheless putting all aspects of industry activity under even greater scrutiny –  from ethics, R+D and drug-efficacy through to marketing and pricing.  Consequently, assured reputation and issues management is critical to operational success for healthcare organisations and brands, as is applying patient insight to tell powerful stories to improve understanding and access to innovation in healthcare. And we do this for some of the world’s most known healthcare companies.


Brand marketing

Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and cautious in today’s uncertain economic climate so it is vital to stand out in a crowded market place.  We help our consumer clients develop compelling communications to drive consumer engagement across different touch points and blend influencer-rich foresight with creative storytelling.



The energy sector faces complex environmental, financial, economic and political issues so sector knowledge is critical to influencing and educating the audiences who impact our clients’ business strategies most.  We work with many of the world’s leading energy and industrial corporations – communicating vital thought leadership, promoting and protecting reputations, and helping ensure level playing fields.



Some of the largest and most ambitious construction projects in the world are being undertaken in the Middle East and we help generate interest in and understanding of such projects, helping to attract the right mix of investors, buyers and suppliers.


Real estate

Some of the largest and most ambitious real estate projects in the world are being undertaken in the Middle East and we help generate interest in, and understanding of, such projects, helping to attract the right mix of investors, buyers and suppliers.